Worldly Escapes Coffee Table Book


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Rand McNally’s Worldly Escapes takes you to 120 captivating destinations across the country and around the globe. Four thematic chapters contain 30 engaging, beautifully photo-illustrated vignettes that not only convey a sense of each place but also a unique way to experience it.

  • Urban Immersions: Find treasures in the souks of Fez, fragrance in the perfumeries of Paris, and Danish style in the shops of Copenhagen. Sing the blues in Chicago, or dance to country in Nashville. Re-live history on the streets of Havana, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and London.
  • Cultural Pursuits: Explore sacred sites in the heart of Bali, Aboriginal sites in the heart of Australia, and Native American sites in the heart of the Southwest. Go Edwardian in the English countryside or Antebellum in the Deep South. Sip wine in Napa or whisky in Scotland.
  • Blissful Retreats: Warm to the blue waters of Bora Bora, the golden sands of Hawaii, and the orange sunsets of Santorini. Chill out in the Swiss Alps or Vermont’s Green Mountains. Find waterside peace in the Italian Lake District and desert chic in Palms Springs.
  • Wilder Endeavors: Spot lions in Kenya, buffalo in the Great Plains, and wild horses on the Chesapeake. Explore volcanic wonders in Hawaii—or Iceland. Hike through a rain forest on Puerto Rico—or the Olympic Peninsula. Sail to a glacier in Argentina—or climb one in New Zealand.

Hardcover with jacket; 256 pages; 9"x12"


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