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Featuring more powerful processing, faster routing, and upgraded magnetic mount, TND 750 is sleek inside and out.

With upgraded features, and the all-new Rand Navigation 2.0, this 5-inch truck GPS is compact and mighty.

Truck routing redesigned

TND 750 and TND 550 are powered by the all-new Rand Navigation 2.0. Featuring comprehensive map displays, 3-D structure views, updated traffic, crowd-sourced POI reviews, and more, Rand Navigation 2.0 provides an enhanced user-experience with a fresh new look.

Real-time traffic

Avoid delays with real-time traffic and construction updates and view traffic patterns by time/day of the week — even in rural areas.

Dynamic weather overlays

Display the current forecast across your route with in-depth weather overlays that show precipitation, temperature, and wind speed.

3-D buildings and landmarks

Drivers can follow detailed routes consisting of 3-D renderings of nearby buildings and landmarks.

Current fuel prices

Display gas station locations and current fuel prices along your route.

Mileage and fuel logs

Track fuel purchases and mileage to calculate fuel economy.

On-screen alerts

Set warnings for speed limit changes, sharp curves, and more.