National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

TND™ Trade-In Rebate

Get $50 USD back for trading in your eligible* TND™ for a new TND™ 740 or OverDryve™ 8 Pro
To qualify for this Trade-In Rebate, purchase a new TND™ 740 or OverDryve™ 8 Pro from Rand McNally’s online store, and then send in your eligible* Rand McNally trade-in device by following the Trade-In steps below. Offer is valid only for purchases made at during the promotion period (09/10/2017 – 09/16/2017). Purchases must be made using a major credit or debit card. This Trade-In Rebate is open to US residents only.
Trade-In Steps:
1. Purchase a TND™ 740 at the promotional price of $349.99 (regularly $399.99) or OverDryve™ 8 Pro at the promotional price of $499.99 (regularly $599.99) from the Rand McNally online store during the promotion period.
2. When placing your order, indicate that you will participate in the Trade-in offer.
3. After you receive your new device:
Locate and remove the prepaid shipping label and the Trade-In rebate form included in the package with your new TND™ 740 or OverDryve™ 8 Pro. Complete the Trade-In rebate form. Place your eligible* trade-in device and completed Trade-In rebate form into the same box in which your new device was sent. Close and seal the box. Affix the prepaid shipping label onto the address side of the box, covering up any previous delivery address and barcodes. Do not let the label hang over onto any of the sides of the box. Take the package to a UPS location within the United States and have it shipped to Rand McNally on or before October 31, 2017. To find your closest UPS location, visit the UPS Drop Off Locator at
4. Receive a credit to your credit or debit card in the amount of $50.00 USD within 6-8 weeks. Note: The rebate credit can only be issued to the card you used to purchase your TND™ 740 or OverDryve™ 8 Pro.
Please note:
The trade-in device must be dropped off at a UPS location within the US (as confirmed by UPS tracking information) on or before October 31, 2017, otherwise it will not be eligible for the rebate. You must use the shipping label provided or the device may be lost or not delivered to Rand McNally. After the device has been received and your information processed, you will receive a $50 credit applied to the credit card used for this purchase within 6-8 weeks.
PLEASE NOTE: Rand McNally will not be able to return your old device to you under any circumstance, including your failure to deliver the device by the October 31, 2017 deadline.
Your participation in this Trade-In offer is subject to the Terms and Conditions stated below and Rand McNally’s Privacy Policy.
To qualify for this trade-in rebate offer you must: (a) purchase either a TND™ 740 or OverDryve™ 8 Pro device during the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week promotion period using a credit or debit card at, (b) return the eligible* trade-in device, along with the completed Trade-In rebate form by dropping off the package containing those materials at UPS on or before October 31, 2017, and fully comply with the rebate requirements as described herein and these Terms and Conditions. Customer is responsible for any applicable taxes. Rand McNally is not responsible and shall have no liability for returned devices lost in transit, or for delayed delivery, regardless of cause. Under no circumstances shall Rand McNally be liable for any consequential or incidental damages. Upon Rand McNally’s receipt and processing of the trade-in device, a credit will be issued in the original form of payment for $50.00 USD. Customer must use the UPS return label enclosed with the new device. Customer relinquishes all right, title, and ownership in the trade-in device returned to Rand McNally in accordance with this Trade-In offer, and understands that the trade-in device will not be returned under any circumstance. Failure to return an eligible* device by October 31, 2017 will result in forfeiture of the Trade-In rebate. This Trade-In offer may not be combined with any other offer, discount, or rebate, is void where prohibited. Only one $50 USD trade-in rebate will be honored per qualifying purchase transaction, regardless of the number of eligible* trade-in devices returned. Rand McNally may revise these terms and conditions and/or suspend or terminate the Trade-In Rebate offer at any time. Offer good only while supplies last and rain checks will not be issued. Trade-In offer not valid on purchases made before or after the promotional period. Please allow 6-8 weeks from Rand McNally’s receipt of your old device to process your trade-in rebate. Only U.S. residents are eligible to participate in this offer.
*The following devices are eligible for trade-in:
TND™ 500
TND™ 700
TND™ 510
TND™ 710
TND™ 520
TND™ 720
TND™ 525
TND™ 530
TND™ 730
TND™ Tablet 70
TND™ Tablet 80

I have read and agree to the Trade-In terms and conditions above.