Goode's World Atlas 23rd Edition (Paperback) | Grades 9-12+

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Goode’s World Atlas by Rand McNally helps students navigate through global and regional landscapes with ease. With color-coded headings and charts, brief introductions to each section, and more than 60 new reference and thematic maps, the 23rd edition gives you a comprehensive view of the world and its changing population and physical characteristics. Goode’s World Atlas has been the world’s premiere educational atlas since 1923, evolving with the world that shapes its content, and allowing for a deeper, more global understanding of geography.

Atlas features:

  • 23rd Edition, 2017 Copyright
  • Dozens of new thematic maps at the world, continent, and regional levels, focusing on global climate change, sea level rise, Carbon Dioxide emissions, polar ice fluctuations, deforestation, extreme weather events, infections diseases, water resources, energy production, and other topics important to contemporary geography
  • 32 additional color pages and more than 160 pages of new, digitally produced reference maps
  • Major reworking of the existing map series to reflect current understanding of geographic phenomena, including the world climate series, world soil taxonomy, and the world environments series
  • Expanded reference map coverage of Africa, Asia, and Central and South America
  • A contemporary look to the reference maps that improves legibility and readability
  • Dozens of maps focusing on climate change, environment, natural resources, and other current topics
  • Hundreds of political, physical, and thematic maps
  • Graphs, tables, and a pronouncing index

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