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ELD compliance for your TND™ 740*

The DC 200®S turns the TND™ 740, Rand McNally's cutting-edge 5th generation truck navigation device, into a compliant E-Log system. With an affordable monthly service plan, the DC 200®S automatically uploads logs into the free Rand McNally DriverConnect app which is preloaded onto the TND™ 740. In the app, drivers can view and certify logs, complete DVIRs, and more: 

  • Designed to meet compliance requirements of small- and medium-sized fleets
  • Automatically uploads logs into the Rand McNally DriverConnect app
  • Drivers are able to view and certify logs, complete DVIRs, view HOS history, manage IFTA reporting, and message other drivers

 *TND 740 sold separately.

Built-in cellular connectivity

The built-in cellular modem allows fleet managers to track their trucks in near real-time and message drivers without using data from a phone. 


Easy to install

Simply plug the DC 200®S into a vehicle's JBUS diagnostic port using a 9-pin cable included in the box. Other cables are available for purchase. 


Rand McNally DriverConnect Web Portal

The Rand McNally DriverConnect app syncs automatically with the Rand McNally DriverConnect web portal. On the web portal, fleets can view and print up to 6 months of HOS history, view truck locations and vehicle statuses, review DVIRs, manage IFTA reporting, and message drivers. The cloud-based DriverConnect system was built with a scalable infrastructure, to allow access to historical data. The app also provides bonus access to the gauges screen with information on different diagnostics from your truck's engine, including average fuel economy, boost pressure, gallons per hour, battery voltage, coolant temperature, and oil pressure. 


The Rand McNally DriverConnect app syncs automatically with the Rand McNally DriverConnect web portal. Portal access is available with affordable monthly service plans:

The Compliance Plan enables: 

  • Viewing of truck locations and vehicle statuses
  • Print and save up to 6 months worth of E-log history
  • Review daily vehicle inspection reports and more
  • Messaging between drivers and fleets


The Core Plan provides additional functionality of: 

  • IFTA Tax Reporting data via state crossings, state mileage, and fuel purchase reports
  • Forms integration into messaging 
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