Can I add something to an order I just placed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to modify an existing order once it has been placed. If you’d like to order additional items, please place a new order. 

How do I place a tax-exempt order?

You can place your order online, and then send us your tax exempt certificate via email to: or fax it to us at: 877-469-1298.  Be sure to include your order number with the certificate

What is estimated tax?

Taxes that appear at checkout and in your online order confirmation are estimated. The actual taxes charged to your credit card will be calculated based on the applicable state and local sales taxes when your order is shipped.

Why did I receive a Failed Authorization Transaction error?

If you received an error message due to a Failed Authorization Transaction during the checkout process, your credit card information was either incomplete or contained invalid data.

Please make sure you entered  the correct billing address, zip code, and/or security code.

Please note: Failed transactions due to incorrect information may result in multiple pre-authorization holds. The pending authorizations are not charges and should drop off your account in within a few days.

Why am I showing multiple charges on my credit card?

Upon placing an order, your card is pre-authorized for an amount that includes estimated tax and shipping. Once your order ships, any state and local taxes will be calculated and reflected in the final charge. Please note that your card will not be charged until your order ships.

Pending authorizations may have been created because incorrect credit card information was provided. The pending authorizations are not charges and should drop off your account in within a few days.

Can I order a gift for someone else and have it shipped directly to them?

Yes. Please note that orders with different billing and shipping addresses may take an extra day or two to process. 

How long does it take for my order to ship once it is placed?

See shipping information

Does Rand McNally ship internationally?

We currently ship to United States and Canada only.