Crusading Over There Wall Map (1914-1919 Europe)


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This wall map entitled Crusading "Over There" (1914-1919) includes war coverage of Europe during the first world war and is one of 31 intermediate/advanced level American History wall maps featuring detailed snapshots of American cultural, political, and economic heritage. 

Note: Product requires mounting hardware

Map features: 

  • Shows U.S. participation in World War I, Allied and Central Powers, four major fronts, and strategy of the war
  • Panel shows American troop involvement, comparative troop strengths, and casualties
  • Geared for students from grades six-12 and beyond
  • Packed with fascinating charts, graphs, photos, and quotations
  • Bold, high-interest graphics
  • Markable, washable, and tear-resistant 50" maps
  • Sturdy, steel rollers and pull-down rods



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