Atlas of World Geography | Grades 6-12

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  • 0528017926 - Atlas of World Geography - Teacher's Guide
  • 052801790X - Atlas of World Geography - 30 Pack
  • 0528017918 - Atlas of World Geography - Best Buy 

Rand McNally's Atlas of World Geography provides engaging and richly illustrated geographic information for secondary students from grades 6-12.

Thematic maps, graphs and charts help present a more complete portrait of our physical and political world.

Get all of our new Atlas of World Geography products in one classroom package with our best buy value. You'll receive 30 student atlases and one teacher's guide to outfit your entire class with this must-have reference.

Atlas of World Geography features: 

  • 85 pages of detailed physical and political maps
  • Engaging illustrations, photography, and infographics
  • 35 pages of human and physical world geography maps, graphs, charts, including information on plate tectonics, climate, environments , population and economics
  • Updated Countries section including flag, capital city, area and population
  • Glossary of foreign terminology plus comprehensive index to enrich and maximize use of maps
  • Special continent sections exploring landforms, land cover and use, climate, and continent specific issues and current events

Teacher’s Guide features: 

  • Increase student comprehension and interpretation of tables, graphs, charts, maps, and text in the Atlas
  • Assessments, 38 reproducible student worksheets including Common Core strands and teacher key
  • Index with fully listed Common Core standards to reference the strands in the student activities

Best Buy Program features:

  • 30 Classroom Atlases
  • 1 Teaching Guide

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