Atlas of the United States | Grades 3-6

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Get all of our new Atlas of the United States products in one classroom package with our best buy value. You'll receive 30 student atlases and one teacher's guide to outfit your entire class with this must-have reference.

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When using a purchase order, please reference these item numbers.

  • 0528016652 - Atlas of the United States - Single Copy
  • 0528004808 - Atlas of the United States - Teacher's Guide
  • 0528010263 - Atlas of the United States - 30 Pack
  • 0528010271 - Atlas of the United States - Best Buy

Atlas Features:

  • Extensive coverage of the United States and its regions through maps, photos, graphs, and text
  • Section on map & globe skills covers topics such as directions, scale, and how to read thematic maps
  • World map section features physical, political, and thematic maps
  • 10 U.S. history maps
  • Eye-catching photos, engaging text, and fascinating "Time to Explore" features help to engage students
  • 128 pages, paperback, 8.5" x 10 7/8"
  • Copyright 2014.

Teacher's Guide features:

  • A cross-curricular teaching guide featuring exercises and activities that reinforce map skills and promote critical thinking
  • Lessons and reproducible student activity sheets covering every section of the atlas
  • Suggestions for assessment as well as cross-curricular and internet tie-ins
  • Reproducible outline maps
  • Correlated to the 18 National Geography Standards
  • CD-ROM includes all student activity pages and outline maps
  • 100 pages; 8.5" x 11"

Best Buy Program features:

  • 30 Classroom Atlases
  • 1 Teaching Guide

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