Atlantis 12" Desk Globe


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For an in-depth look at our physical world, the Atlantis offers both raised and indented relief that even shows the undersea physical features of the world's oceans.

This special desk globe shows land areas in true-to-life color to illustrate mountains, deserts, forests, and grasslands.

Gyromatic mounting allows the globe ball to swing up or down for a closer look at any area of the Earth.

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  • 12" globe ball
  • Traditional blue oceans with special coloring to illustrate different ecosystems
  • Raised and indented relief to show elevation changes
  • Oceans show undersea features
  • Gyromatic mounting for 360__ views of the world
  • Full meridian
  • Clearly labeled countries, continents, cities, and bodies of water

Product Details

  • Dimensions: W15" x D12" x H17"
  • Weight: 2.95 lbs.

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