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MOVA Rotating Globes

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MOVA Blue Ocean Relief Globe

The Blue Ocean Relief MOVA Globe is a unique solar-powered world globe that reproduces the Earth's constant rotation. It is light responsive, converting energy from the average room light into electricity that powers its smooth rotation. The sophisticated internal mechanism is magnetically sensitive, designed to keep the globe's axis correctly oriented, keeping the North Pole at the top.

The Blue Ocean Relief MOVA Globe is a classic blue-oceans desk globe, with details of today's oceans, seas, rivers, land masses, countries, and major cities in topographical relief. It is made of two spheres; the inner sphere contains the unique mechanism which keeps the globe in perpetual motion, and the outer sphere is filled with clear liquid that magnifies the images on the globe. Learn More

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MOVA Blue Ocean Political Globe

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Cool! Solar-powered, self-rotating globe

Light powers this small, but stunning self-rotating globe that spins slowly on a clear pedestal.

The MOVA Globe Blue Ocean Political Globe is sure to catch eyes with its bold coloring and unique technology. This political globe features smooth rotation which was designed to mimic the Earth's rotation.

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