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TND™ 760 Fleet Edition with Navigation

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Full Mobile Fleet Management & Compliance System
  • Simplified electronic Hours of Service compliance with over-the-air software updates when regulations change
  • Hardware includes leading truck-specific navigation
  • 1 device, 1 cable, 30-minute install
  • Service plan required

Reduce expenses and maximize productivity by saving time and reducing waste. The TND™ 760 is a cost-effective electronic logging system, mobile communication solution, and fleet management tool all in one. Communicate with drivers, and access real-time and historic information needed to improve compliance, safety and fuel efficiency. Watch the video overview of the The TND™ 760. Features are contingent upon service plan selected.

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HD 100 E-Log Device

Add compliant E-Logs to your tablet, smartphone, or IntelliRoute® TND™ device.1

Simplify HOS compliance and driver's day-to-day duties. The HD 100 helps save time and money with more precise, automated logging.

  • Quick, Compact, Compliant
  • Simplified Hours of Service Compliance
  • Forget paper logs, trip sheets, DVIR forms and recording state mileage. The HD 100 tracks all of these for you.
  • First 6 months of service included at no cost2

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1 TND™ device not included.
2 Service plan required.

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