Dash Cam 100

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The Dash Cam 100 pairs compact design with high-quality video. Whether recording a traffic incident or a sunset, the Dash Cam 100 is your go-to device.

  • 1.5 inch screen
  • HD video
  • Extra-wide angle with minimal distortion
  • Night mode adjusts automatically
  • Time lapse shows key moments from your drive
  • G sensor automatically saves videos of collisions
  • Secure rugged mount

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  DashCam 100 DashCam 300
Screen size 1.5" 2"
SD card 4 GB 16 GB
Extra wide angle with minimal distortion ‰ÏÓ ‰ÏÓ
Night mode ‰ÏÓ ‰ÏÓ
Rugged mount ‰ÏÓ ‰ÏÓ
Time lapse & still photo options ‰ÏÓ ‰ÏÓ
"G" sensor ‰ÏÓ ‰ÏÓ
Location and speed with GPS   ‰ÏÓ
Super HD   ‰ÏÓ
Lane departure and collision warnings   ‰ÏÓ
FHD recording at 60 frames/second   ‰ÏÓ


  • 2-inch screen
  • Super HD 2560 x 1080
  • 16 GB SD Card
  • G sensor
  • GPS
  • 60 FPS

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