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    • With this part of the service plan, the TND™ 760 will support two-way email messaging, with messages capable of being received and sent from the device. Emails accommodate up to 2,400 characters.
    • Messages convert from text to speech while driving.
    • Companies may customize an unlimited number of canned messages for the drivers to send from the cab.
    • The TND™ 760 device accommodates up to five personal email addresses so drivers can stay in contact from the road. Each TND™ 760 device has its own email address.
    • The Messaging feature also supports the ability to send PDF attachments from the Rand McNally Connect web portal to the TND™ 760 device. Note: You can specify Wi-Fi transition for emails; if cellular transmission, data usage applies.
    • All email messages are saved in the Rand McNally Connect web portal for 30 days.
    • Offers streamlined communication, eliminates phone calls, and keeps records of activity in one centralized location.
    • Helps improve customer service and reduce administration with standard messages for driver availability, load acceptance along with confirmation of pickup and delivery.
    • Provides a safe method for getting emails in the cab – text-to-speech allows drivers to listen to critical messages without stopping to pull over and read the messages.
    • And the Enterprise plan also allows you to seamlessly integrate Rand McNally's messaging system with third party dispatch software packages.

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