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    • This feature enables you to view vehicles via a map screen on the Rand McNally Connect web portal. Mapping shows the current location of vehicles as well as a history of vehicle locations and events (such as idling).
    • In current location mode (also called automatic vehicle location, or AVL), all vehicle updates are noted with a new position on the map. The feature shows GPS position, speed, direction of travel, and driving hours available for each vehicle.
    • In history mode, the mapping feature records and shows the past events and locations of the vehicle, creating a breadcrumb trail of prior updates. The feature shows idling, speeding, and hard braking in different colors, making it simple to note repetitive behaviors at a glance.
    • The mapping feature includes the ability to load custom Points of Interest (POIs) – such as warehouse or dock locations – onto the map, giving fleet managers a simple tool for conducting a proximity search to see which vehicle is closest to an available load.
    • The feature also includes geofencing in which the user creates a virtual perimeter on the map that is triggered when a truck enters or departs the area. Once a vehicle comes in or out of that perimeter, an email alert is created. Rand McNally's geofence is "multi-point" so that it can be drawn more precisely. Plus, route geofences for a particular trip, can be set.
    • Through the portal, geofence reports can be pulled to show proof of arrival and departure times.
    • This proof is useful for billing and determining if detention pay is warranted.
    • Maps may be viewed through a standard map view or satellite view.*
    • Provides fleet security – know where trucks are at all times.
    • Tracks out-of-route driving through route geofencing and provides proof of detention by drilling down on how long trucks remain on site.
    • Assists in minimizing deadhead miles and improving delivery times with information that helps managers assign the optimal vehicle to a specific load.
    • Enables managers to view driving behavior for coaching or congratulations, aided by color breadcrumb trails on the maps in history mode.

*For optimal performance, use of a Windows PC with Internet Explorer browser is recommended when accessing the Rand McNally Connect web portal.
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