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Driver Performance Scorecard

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    • In the Stats section on the TND™ 760, drivers can view miles per gallon, percent idle time, hard brakes, over-revving the engine, speeding, and more. Statistics are calculated by day and month.
    • The Stats application also allows drivers to view fault codes as they are generated.
    • The Rand McNally Connect web portal displays more than 300 metrics, of which about 125 are keyed to the driver. Data may be viewed by day, week, month, and year. Metrics include: Idle time (four components, short term, middle idle, short stop, and long term), fuel consumption. MPG, engine time (hours that the engine has been on), speeding (how often, how long), cruise control usage, and "speed bands" that show how much fuel is being burned based on truck velocity (for example, between 65 and 75 MPH). 


    • Provides a way to view and evaluate exemplary as well as risky driving behavior.
    • Offers a way to optimize fuel consumption by correlating specific actions with higher fuel burn (and thus other actions with lower fuel burn).
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