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Alerts & Critical Event Reporting

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    • Alerts can be set for a variety of events that a truck may experience. When an event occurs, an alert is sent to a preferred email address and also saved in the Rand McNally Connect web portal.
    • Events include: Speeding, hard braking, idling, geofencing entrance and exit, running out of HOS time, out of HOS time, as well as whenever a driver emails or faxes logs somewhere or when driving while not logged onto the system.
    • When a "Critical Event" occurs – such as hard braking – the TND™ 760 will transmit second-by-second details to the Rand McNally Connect web portal. Those details consist of driver and vehicle performance measures 30 seconds prior to the event and 60 seconds after the event. The information includes speed, throttle level, brake status, and RPM.


    • Reporting provides a way for managers to "recreate" what occurred on the road during a critical event to help determine what happened.
    • Helps identify risky driving practices by tracking the occurrence rates of critical events.
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